Why IndieDevMap?

IndieDevMap wants to be a reference website for game developers, editors and even gamers to locate other developers in a specific area.

This is just the beginning anyway, soon we will expand the website with original content like interviews with developers, game reviews and other articles.

Am I eligible for a place on the map?

You can be added to the map as team or company if you're an indie or an independent game developer (not owned by any other company) and you have already published at least a title or a playable build of your first game.

Furthermore, a company/team website is required. You can't submit a game website for your profile.

Outsourcing companies, freelance developers and consultants are not accepted if they never developed and released a full game on their own.

Why don't you use Google Maps or any other similar service?

We are trying to keep IndieDevMap fast, plain and simple, so for now we're happy with our simple static maps.

Maybe we'll reconsider this in the future, when the number of entries will be too big for a clear navigation with a static map.

I love IndieDevMap, how can I help/support you?

You could donate some money to help us with the server and development expenses. Check out the donors page for more info.

Another way to support us is spreading the word: share our url on any social network, forums, blogs, websites, etc...

Why there's no Greenland in the North America map?

Sorry Greenland, nothing personal, but considering the very low population of the country and the fact we are not aware of any indie team based in there, we decided to exclude it from the North America map to give more pixels to other countries.

Obviuosly we're going to change the map if any team based in Geenland will contact us.

Data submission

What if my team/company is just myself?

A team made by a single developer is perfectly fine, so go on and submit your data!

My team/company doesn't have a website, can I submit my data?

You will need a website at some point, what about now?

If you really can't be bothered to have a team/company website you can submit a social page (Faceboo, Google+, Twitter, etc..) about your team/company as website.

What if my team is a virtual/distributed one?

Sometimes teams are made of people working remotely from different towns or even countries, if your team is one of those you have to decide a main location that will represent the team's home location.

In the future IndieDevMap will offer better support to virtual/distributed teams, but for now the maps are showing main locations only.

What if I/we don't have any game or playable build released yet?

We are sorry but we can't add you to the map as you're not a real game developer if you have never published anything.

If you're currently developing your first game keep working hard and contact us as soon as you have a playable build that shows most of the final game (prototypes and pre-alpha builds are not accepted).

What if I/we don't have any game or playable build released yet, BUT I/we worked on other games before?

That's fine, as long as you can show us what you've done before and if you're currently working on your first title with your new team/company.

I'm a big fan of team/company X, can I submit their data?


Even if we don't ask any proof of identity to people submitting data, we prefer to get submissions only from people really involved with the team/company.

Obviously you can contact team/company X and suggest them to submit their data to IndieDevMap.