Developer Submission

If you are an indie or independent game developer and want to be added to the map you can send us an email or fill the web form in this page.

To be added to the map you need a published game or at least a playable build (just an idea, even if an awesome one, doesn't make you a developer).

Outsourcing companies, freelance developers and consultants are not accepted if they never developed and released a full game on their own.

If you have any question/doubt about the submission you can check the FAQ or contact us.

Submit your data by email

To submit you details you can send and email to including the following data:

  • Team/company name
  • Team/company website
  • Team size (can be a range)
  • Targeted platforms: console / desktop / mobile / web
  • Main location: Town, State/Region, Country
  • Secondary location(s) (for virtual/distributed teams only)

Submit your data by web form

It's also possible to submit your data using the form below (fields in bold are required).



Core info about the team/company

Team/Company Name

Team/Company Website

This can't be a game website. If your team/company doesn't have a website yet, you can use a social page.

Team Size (min - max)

if your team size is not variable just fill one of the two fields or enter the same value for both


Main location of the team/company and optional secondary location(s) for virtual/distributed teams.




Secondary location(s)

If your team is virtual/distributed enter all the locations of the other members of the team here. Every location needs to be in the form: Town, State/Region, Country.


Targetted platform, at least one of the following must be selected.


PS, Xbox, Wii, etc...


Linux, Mac, Windows, etc...


Android, iOS, etc...


Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Gear VR, HTC Vive, etc...


Flash, HTML5, etc...


Data about the person submitting this application, must be related to team/company.

NOTE none of the following details will be published. They are just needed to contact you.



Additional Notes

In case you need to add any further info/comment. No HTML allowed.